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By February 6, 2013News

You want a chocolate with a clean, hard “snap” to it. If it bends or crumbles, either the quality is low or the chocolate is old.

Good chocolate will smell strongly of chocolate. Rub your fingers over the surface to warm the chocolate, and then smell the bar. If it doesn’t smell like chocolate, or if it smells primarily of vanilla or other added ingredients, it probably won’t taste very much like chocolate either

Finally, taste the chocolate. Pay attention to the way it melts in your mouth: does it feel waxy? Unpleasantly chewy or dense? Does it leave a slightly slippery feeling? Does it feel sandy, or smooth? In general, a smooth, velvety mouthfeel is preferred

(from here)

Do you ever wonder what it takes for a chocolate to be considered ‘good’ or even ‘superior’? The above is a very brief summary of what I’ll be looking for myself.

The linked web page (and many others similar to it.. you can get lost for hours touring the world of chocolate *guilty*) will give you a rough idea of what to look for; ultimately I believe that it boils down to not only quality but tastes. It’s also important to consider whether you want a quick energy boost or to satisfy a sweet tooth, or whether you’re looking for a special treat. If chocolate is a priority for you, you’ve probably tasted all sorts and have a better idea of what you prefer. I’m going to be reviewing 3 bars of chocolate by the brandChoc’fleurs. These are organic chocolate bars with flower petals and hemp seed. Sounds good already, right? Wait until you see them..

Choc Fleurs

Beautiful! It’s almost a pity to eat them. I did say ‘almost’..

Turmeric & Ginger White Chocolate bar –
one look at the name and I was intrigued. Is this going to work? I wondered..
SNAP – sharp, does not bend or crumble
SMELL – it smells mostly of milk
TASTE – spicy, hot and sweet; with a happy marriage of tastes. Turmeric and ginger combo… yes please! What a brilliant idea. This chocolate had an extremely smooth mouthfeel.
AFTER-TASTE – warming and sweet, with a gentle fire through the nostrils.

Thai Spices Dark Chocolate bar –
visually the most interesting of the three, with yellow, green and blue-purple hues from petals, leaves and seeds
SNAP – sharp, does not bend or crumble
SMELL – my first thought was ‘It’s Christmas!’, the scent of clove is immediately apparent
TASTE – if you don’t like cloves, don’t go for this one. Having said that, I did start to like it more on repeated tastes; the cloves are almost overpowering, with a shy cardamon creeping in as you bite. This bar was slightly less smooth, which is to be expected due to the leaves, petals and seeds. However these somehow seem to melt in your mouth too. It’s quite unusual for a chocolate bar, with a fragrant attack on the senses. It is also less sweet, great for the dark chocolate lovers who want to experiment a bit.
AFTER-TASTE – a velvety sensation of clove and cardamon; great for Christmas lovers.

Dark Chocolate bar with Blackcurrant Leaves
small dark purple flowers, mixed in with yellow hemp seeds. This bar means serious business.
SNAP – sharp, does not bend or crumble
SMELL – is it possible for a chocolate bar to smell masculine and serious? This one does.
TASTE – bitter and smokey, this chocolate is a dark chocolate lover’s flirty interest. I found the roasted hemp seeds very particular and interesting. Did you know that hemp seeds are good for your health too?
AFTER-TASTE – I didn’t taste the flowers while I was eating the chocolate, but the after-taste is flowery and dry. Mysterious and full of surprises, perhaps I was wrong about the sex of this chocolate!

Get them here as a treat or gift. These are chocolate bars that go a long way. They’re so intense, interesting and rich that you’re likely to eat a small piece at a time. Chocaholics will ignore this fact and devour the whole thing in ecstatic fervour on their way home. Just saying. Happy chocolate munching <3