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Loison Pasticceri dal 1938: patience is our secret

By November 6, 2012News

Today Loison finds its strength in its ancient family vocation, in its history. The international success of the confectionery lies in the combination of art and quality, creativity and entrepreneurship, experience and innovation; just like what happens for the panettone whose secret is both the quality of ingredients and the time dedicated to the preparation.The ingredients are carefully selected and exalt the fragrance of the Loison pastries. The flavours are engraved on the mind evoking ancient and genuine tastes.

Our classic Patisserie Panettone is low as in the ancient Milanese recipes and “scarpato” (that’s to say cut on the surface by hand with the characteristic cross cut), with a fragrant and soft pastry, enriched with raisins, candied peels of the Oranges of Sicily and Cedar from Diamante in Calabria. Many variations of this classic panettone are offered all with innovative and exclusive flavours. The same for the pandoro, made with selected eggs and butter of quality, and available not only in the classic version but also filled with the most refined pastry creams. The processes of natural rising and non forced cooling, unchanged for centuries, ensure freshness and duration. That is because homemade confectionery is an art of patiently waiting for the delicate flavours that are full of history to reach the proper combination. It is the art of turning tradition into quality.