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At Dical House we import the best bread specialties from all around the world to please you. Our main concern is to satisfy your need to discover new flavours. That is why you can find many different kind of breads at Dical House.

If you like to eat healthy, we can propose you our wide range of German breads from the brand Mestermacher for which we have the exclusivity in Malta. Mestermacher offers you Fitness Bread, Mixed cereals bread, Rye bread, Sunflower seed bread, Muesli bread, and many other flavours. If you are not sure about which one to choose, go for our German basket which includes the best German breads.

We also have a wide selection of grissini. This Italian specialty can be found in its classic form or declined with flavours such as tomato and basil or garlic and parsley. In the same range of products we have sfogliatine, which are perfect for evening buffet for example. We also suggest you try the organic crisp-breads from Rinatura wich is a new way to eat tasty and healthy.

As we care about your health, we offer gluten-free breads of all kinds. People suffering from coeliac disease or people who just want to control the gluten rate they eat can easily find bread that suits them thanks to our main brand of gluten-free products: Agluten. We import exclusive products such as gluten free baguette, girelle, panini and more.

Feel free to visit us at Dical House, Saint Anthony Street in Mosta.