Pesto chips 45g


Can be dipped in sauces, for tapas or finger food

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potatoes, sunflower seed oil, olive oil, freeze-dried Genovese basil 49%, Parmigiano reggiano cheese, pine seeds 9%, fiore sardo cheese, garlic, potato maltodestrin, salt, spinach powder, natural flavor.

Nutritional Information

Energy (per 100g) 1131kj/270kcal
Fat (per 100g) 14g
Saturates (per 100g) 1.3g
Carboydrates (per 100g) 48g
Sugars (per 100g) 0.5g
Protein (per 100g) 6.5g
Salt (per 100g) 1.3g
Fibre (per 100g)
Serving Size (per 100g)

Dietary Information

Allergy Information

Storage instructions

Keep in a cool dry place

Distributor Address

Tartuflanghe -Piobesi d@`Alba- Italy


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