Sugo salsiccia e barolo 185g


Excellent to dress pasta, risotto, ravioliand tortellini

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Pork sausage 41&, tomato pulp, onion, Barolo wine 5%, wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil, double tomatoe concentrate, garlic, meat extract, spicies, salt

Nutritional Information

Energy (per 100g) 1667kj/405kcal
Fat (per 100g) 42g
Saturates (per 100g) 6.3g
Carboydrates (per 100g) 4.0g
Sugars (per 100g) 2.1g
Protein (per 100g) 7.3g
Salt (per 100g) 1.4g
Fibre (per 100g)
Serving Size (per 100g)

Dietary Information

Allergy Information

Storage instructions

Keep in a cool dry place

Distributor Address

Tartuflanghe -Piobesi d@`Alba- Italy


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