Tartuflanghe products are Oprah’s favourites!

By November 10, 2012News

The former queen of daytime talk is still at it as she has just released her favorite must-have items for this Christmas 2012 and one of her  favourite items for Christmas 2012 are Tartuflanghe’s Risotto, Pasta and Breadsticks. She described these products as: “Pure happiness: All this incredible risotto requires is water; I pair the truffle breadsticks with truffle butter; and what can I say about walking into a kitchen with a pot of truffle pasta bubbling on the stove?”

These products are exclusively brought to Malta by Dical House

(Read more: http://www.oprah.com/gift/Truffle-Risotto-Pasta-and-Breadsticks?cat_id=#ixzz2BpTPquc2 )

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